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Similar to keeping a relationship intact, we believe in communication, active listening and commitment to build trust and a collaborative relationship between the clients and us. We understand that every client’s lifestyle and design language is unique in its own way. Hence we listen to you in order to discover the driving force behind every well-designed space.


Edwin, Co-Founder/Design Director


Edwin has an experimental attitude to life and combined with his open-mindedness, he sees things from unconventional perspectives. This allows him to express himself in creative ways and often connect the homeowner’s needs, wants (and occasionally far-flung ideas) into a single theme to create a bespoke space.

As a design graduate, he has over 10 years experience in the creative industry, and has taken up the role to be the lead designer ranging from residential and commercial projects such as cinemas, offices, retail shops and restaurants.

Shalynn, Co-Founder/Studio Manager


Shalynn is the backbone of Leplay Design and plays a support role to Edwin and clients. Her years of experience in project management helps to implement the projects with a steady approach. She work hand in hand with Edwin to ensure design, timeline and quality are met as much as possible. She also strives to exceed expectations and to go beyond to deliver what is required.

Hey there.

We are Edwin and Shalynn – a couple team working hand-in-hand to deliver residential projects in a thoughtful, collaborative approach.


What People Say

"I would highly recommend Leplay. My husband and I really enjoyed the process and our experience working with Edwin and Shalynn to renovate our dream home! They're really thoughtful, and propositional; one of the reasons we decided to entrust our home to them- among the many IDs we enquired- was because they listened, proposed and adapted their creative ideas that suited our lifestyle needs.


Our house layout isn't the most common, yet they managed to bring out the best highlights of our home according to our design language/preference. And most importantly, they work really hard to bring our ideas to life; super hands on and attentive to detail.


Thank you Edwin and Shalynn so much for the lovely home you have made for us!"

Alina Chia, Treelodge @ Punggol


At Leplay Design,

we believe that how a space is being designed has the capacity to impact our lives and well-being.

By curating an aesthetically pleasing interior that is reflective of one’s lifestyle and personality, the end-users can have more deeper, meaningful moments and interaction in the space.


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